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Maternity Photography can be the most beautiful thing

Maternity has always been one of my favorite genres of photography, its beauty enhances the power of women. When I first started photography in Dubai I mostly focused on newborns and maternity photography. I always thought what a miracle these babies are. How do these babies come into this world with women being pregnant for nine months? It’s amazing to capture the beauty of a woman while she is in her maternity phase. And surely this perfect milestone should be documented in finding your best maternity photographer.

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How to Find the Best Beauty Maternity Photographer?

Maternity Photography is a lot more than just taking pictures of a pregnant women. A Photographer who specializes in maternity photography definitely knows what they are doing to create those beauty images. To get the Beauty in Maternity Photography requires the skills of photographing a pregnant women at a time where maybe they are not feeling their best. Thus capturing the carrying of a child in their belly and making them feel like a queen. A queen who is pregnant with her baby and looks the most beautiful. They need to feel their best in their maternity photo session as if they are conquering the world. The beauty is all what they have to represent to he world. You can surely check out some of my maternity work to have an idea of these images.

Beauty maternity backlighting on blue gown

Lighting a Maternity Photography Session

Lighting plays a very important role in a maternity photography session. Since we are talking about the beauty of a woman while photographing her when she is pregnant we need to keep in mind the way we light her. It is the same way we think when we light a headshot of a baby or a newborn. Lighting a pregnant woman or a couple has to follow the rules for Portrait Lighting. Whereas we need to show the beautiful woman in her most beautiful shape. The lighting needs to be correct to show and enhance your maternity client while she is carrying her baby in her belly. This requires the photographer to not only make her look beautiful but we’ll focus on the belly.



Correct Angles for a Maternity Photo Session

A woman in her maternity photography session has to be posed in a certain way to make her look outstanding just like a queen. For this type of photography session, the placement of hands, feet, chin, and shoulders every body part is what makes or breaks the picture. The photographer needs to understand the proper angles for each maternity client. The way you pose a pregnant woman is not as easy as we see in the final images. These maternity images have a ton lot of work going on behind the scenes.

Maternity photos with red beauty gown Maternity photography beauty

Maternity Photography Styling Guide

Choosing the best Photogrpaher is super important for your maternity photo shoot. The photographer who knows how to capture that beauty of a women and make it as perfect as possible. It not only requires the lighting and angles as well the most amazing clothing to make you stand out. I talk over with all my clients before their maternity session and show them my maternity wardrobe for them to pick up the most spectacular maternity gowns. I have loads of maternity gowns in my collection to choose from bought from top of the line work class vendors such as (Mii-Estilo, Katharina Hakaj Couture, and Chicaboo) to name a few. Guiding my clients is super important for me as I know how will a certain maternity gown look and photograph on them and make them look their best. A styling Guide is a must when you are stepping into a maternity photography session. It makes you feel like a goddess. A happy time to sense the beauty in yourself as a woman and the power to become a mother. The clothing and accessories have to be on point before you proceed for your session.

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Hair and MakeUp for a Maternity Photo Session

Hair and makeup are definitely very important when considering you’re turning into a photo shoot which will make you look your best and feel on top of the world. For a maternity photography session it not only makes you look beautiful in your own eyes and the mirror it also makes you feel beautiful from within inside. Since this is only going to be for once or a few times a maternity photo session captures the beauty of a powerful woman carrying a child inside of her. I always suggest all my clients get their hair and make-up done. It does not have to be over the top something just which represents you as who you are and makes you happy and all Glammed up for a photography session. Once you are all ready and look your best the pictures will come out more amazing as you want them to be.

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Editing the Final Images of a Maternity Photography Session

A maternity photography session is not only about photo shooting a pregnant woman at her best at the same time editing those pictures to make them look they’re amazing. This surely does not mean completely changing a woman what she does not look like. Editing these images actually means enhancing the beauty of the pregnant woman to make her look her best. Enhancing in photography means editing those minor flaws which are not noticeable and do not need to be in those images for example some tiny pimples some scratches on the skin and some bumps in the body which are generally not there. I tell all my maternity clients I will edit those images to make them look the best version of themselves and how beautiful and how empowered they feel carrying a baby inside of them. I will not portray you which you are not. Just something that should not be done by any photographer. I love each woman while she is pregnant irrespective of her color and shape. These edited images will make you glow and show your best shape. Enhancing these images is very important at the same time to add those final touches of the Photography side.

Maternity Photography Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best time to book a maternity photography session?

The best time to book a maternity photo session is between 32-36 weeks which is not late when the body gets all swelled up and tired easily and not too early to not show your belly really well.

Do You Provide Maternity Clothing and Gowns?

Yes, a have a huge collection of maternity gowns in my wardrobe which an be used for all my maternity clients.

Does your maternity photography session include family?

Yes, my maternity session includes siblings and family. You can surely bring your partner and other kids along

Do you think it’s important to get maternity photos done?

I think it is very important to get maternity photos done. For me who missed this milestone would surely recommend it to all pregnant mamas out there. You only get pregnant a few times and every time it is different and every time it should be photographed. I cannot emphasize the beauty of maternity photography enough. These memories last you a lifetime once you cross a certain age and feel how important these moments were.

Do you Offer Studio or Outdoor Photography?

I only Offer Studio Maternity Photography Sessions as I love the Fine Art look on them and it best suits my style.

Can I bring my own clothing and Props along?

Yes, absolutely you can bring along any special clothing items and props you want to include in your sessions. Just make sure you let me know before the session so I can best include it within.

Any tips you would like to give before the maternity session?

Do not have other plans before or after your day of the session. Just relax and feel your best and leave the rest on your photographer.