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Things To Consider When Booking A Dubai Newborn Photographer

The early days with your newborn baby will likely go by in a flash. Those rosy cheeks, tufts of soft hair, and tiny toes can grow and transform fast and lose the newborn charm in a matter of weeks. Thus, booking a professional Dubai newborn photographer to savor every moment of your baby’s growth and development is a great idea.

An experienced newborn photographer in Dubai will capture those transitory moments most efficiently and artistically so you can keep the sweet memories.

Newborn photography is not an easy task. Thus, you should never compromise the process of hiring a newborn photographer. You want a photographer who will emphasize all baby’s features creatively and safely.

If you are looking for a professional photographer for a newborn shoot in Dubai, we can help you! Saher Fahad Photography in Dubai provides maternity photography in Dubai, newborn photography in Dubai, cake smash photoshoot in Dubai, and kids & family photography services.

This post highlights important considerations for every parent planning a newborn photoshoot in Dubai. If you are interested in reminiscing some memorable and essential early days, this post will help you plan a successful newborn photoshoot.

Let’s dive in!

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1. Safety & Comfort of Your Precious Newborn

Ensuring your baby is in safe hands should be the number one concern when hiring a newborn photographer. Achieving beautiful poses while making sure the infant is safe takes training and practice.

Do not go for armature photographers who lack the experience and training dedicated to handling an infant during the early days of photography.

To keep your baby happy and safe, choose an infant photographer who has undergone safety training and knows how to pose the baby without causing harm or discomfort.

Dubai newborn photographer, newborn photography in Dubai, dubai portrait studio


2. Professional Training and Experience

A photography course helps to improve technical skills. During the training, the photographer learns to use lenses, filters, and depth to take the best shot. The photography training also helps one know how to organize pictures and practice training.

While training is often essential to grasp those technical skills, gaining experience and mastery takes practice.

When hiring a Dubai newborn photographer, ask if they are trained and how long they have been practicing. You must hire a professional who understands how to edit images and give them a retouch so those poses are attractive.

Dubai newborn photographer, newborn photography in Dubai, dubai portrait studio

3. Packages & Costs – Dubai Newborn Photographer

When you hire a Dubai newborn photographer, you pay them for their expertise and ability to deliver a fantastic gallery. Thus, we cannot say there is a standard market rate for newborn photography. Experienced and professional newborn photographers in Dubai might charge a higher price than a novice still struggling to gain experience.

When hiring a photographer for a newborn photoshoot session in Dubai, ask about their pricing, so you are not caught by surprise. Understanding the photographer’s cost structure can also help you choose a great newborn photography package.

Knowing the pricing before the photoshoot session will also help you budget appropriately.

Dubai newborn photographer, newborn photography in Dubai, dubai portrait studio

4. Equipment and Photo-Editing software

A professional photographer should have a well-equipped studio. Some of the minimum requirements for a standard newborn photography studio include the following:

  • A professional DSLR camera
  • Lenses
  • Reflector
  • Softbox
  • Backdrops and backdrop stand
  • Bed, beanbag, and couch where baby can be comfortable
  • Photography props
  • A space heater or heating pads
  • Basic cleaning items

Depending on where you choose to do the newborn shoot, the above equipment should at least be available for comfortable and safe shooting.

In addition, the photographer should have a computer and photo editing software. Some infants might have flaky skin, baby acne, or scratches from nails. Others may react to the heat from the photo studio and develop blotchy skin.

In addition, some poses you see on Instagram and Pinterest are photoshoots, so the photographer should have proper photo-editing skills to deliver those breathtaking poses.

Dubai newborn photographer, newborn photography in Dubai, dubai portrait studio

5. Photoshoot Location

Do you want the photo session done at a photographer’s studio or at home? Of all options, the studio stands out because it is a professionally prepared and equipped space, often ideal for newborn photography sessions.

Wherever you prefer the photoshoot session, ensure that the location is equipped with proper lighting and adequate space. Poor lighting will affect the photo’s appearance, which is not something you want to end up with.

To ensure the best experience, listen to the photographer’s advice and make sure they have all the lighting and other requirements available, so you enjoy a fantastic newborn photoshoot.

Dubai newborn photographer, newborn photography in Dubai, dubai portrait studio

6. Availability & Time Sensitivity

Finally, before booking a newborn photoshoot in Dubai, verify that the photographer shall be available. Typically, an infant photoshoot should be within the first two weeks after birth.

If the photographer is unavailable within that period, you may miss some of the best looks as the baby is growing fast! Thus, a week’s postponement can significantly impact the results you expect from the newborn photoshoot session.

Dubai newborn photographer, newborn photography in Dubai, dubai portrait studio


While we all have stunning phones that can take photos at our disposal, the photographs will not achieve the professional standards as those taken by an expert. Thus, if you are interested in capturing those beautiful moments when your child is a week old, hire an experienced Dubai newborn photographer.

At Saher Fahad Photography, capturing those beautiful moments is what I do best. I love photographing newborns, so you keep those unique and cute looks. I know that scheduling a newborn’s photoshoot can be hectic for new parents.

Do not worry! I will walk you through the journey and capture all of your baby’s adorable features. To ensure a successful newborn photoshoot session, book with us today!


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