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Dubai Cake Smash Photography 

Cake Smash Photography in Dubai is a great way to capture your child’s 1st Birthday in a fun, memorable way to remember. We let the baby create their own mess, and explore their birthday cake smash and that is where we take those beautiful photographs. Cake Smash Photography Sessions are super special and will be an attachment for life. Special moments were captured celebrating this big milestone. Remember they only turn ONE once!

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When To Book Your Cake Smash Photography Session

Thinking of when you will book your session? We suggest you to book your session 2-3 months prior to baby’s big day that is the actual birth day. This allows for us to find the perfect time in a day that works for you and your baby and schedule you accordingly. Also to ensure we create something amazing and unique for your cake smash set to make it stand out. Yes you definitely want to make it special for our little one.

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Best Time to Photograph a Cake Smash 

I am sure you think about whether you want the cake smash photo session to be on or close to your child’s birthday, or you want it done in advance. The best time to book you baby’s cake smash photography session in Dubai is when they are between 10-11 months old. This we call as the best time as they are not as mobile as when they actually turn one and they give their best expressions at this age. This also allows for us to get your photographs ready in time for your birthday invitations and display on the birthday party.

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All About the Cake Smash Photography in Dubai

You spend the day thinking what dress your child will wear for this photography session, what theme would best fit the session and a lot more!

Here we are to help you with everything with regards to your cake smash photography session in Dubai

If you are interested in booking a Cake smash session for your little one, here’s everything you need to know before booking your session…

Theme Idea

Consider what colors or themes you would like for your baby on their cake smash photography session. All of our cake smash sessions are customized according to your preference. If you aren’t sure what to do, we can give you a bunch of ideas too! We are happy to chat about what would work for you and your child. All props and sets are created from scratch and we try not to repeat the same cake smash sets to make them exclusive and unique for your baby. For ideas and reference pictures, you are welcome to check some of the work I have created at Saher Fahad Photography

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Cake Design 

Once we have decided on the theme or colors, we can choose the cake design. You can order your own customized cake if you wish too. Or we can also refer you to our cake bakers in Dubai (Mister Baker or Jackielicious)  they specialize in cake smash cakes in Dubai and know the exact sizing and styling we are working with. Just let them know if your child has any allergies so it can be made to your specification before the actual cake smash photo session. If you are bringing in your own cake please make sure you have talked to us for reference in terms of the perfect measurements of the cake and the look to ensure it matches well with your set.

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Outfit Selection

We have over 100 or maybe more amazing outfits in our collection including some cute accessories such as caps, headbands and tiaras etc to add on top. You can either bring your own or use any outfit from our wardrobe. We have a range of props and accessories to display to make this all about your child’s big day! It is also a good idea to bring along your child’s favorite toys, or some family keepsake item to make it more personal.  Outfits play a very important role in the while cake smash session. We make sure everything is well planned before our actual session date.

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Cake Smash Photography Workflow 


The first part of the photography session is without a cake. It helps us photograph the baby on the beautiful set and create some portraits before we dive into the messy part. So feel free to dress your child in a lovely outfit for their big day. For portraits I prefer a nice and fancy outfit. 

  portraits cake smash set pink gold butterflies

The Cake Smash in Dubai

Following through the session to the next part and the favorite part “THE CAKE SMASH”. I do call this part a tricky one too as it sometimes is for the little one’s. We stop and get your child to change for the cake smashing. A little skirt or shorts with bare tops looks great, or tutu’s and accessories such as bowties and headbands really work well. For some inspiration, check out our Pinterest for more examples. Here we focus more on a casual outfit to get all messy and enjoy to the fullest. Yes this only happens once so why not.

Siblings or family are always welcome to join the session! Just make sure you bring a change of clothes to travel home as it tends to mess up your clothes and it’s a great fun.

smash set pink gold butterflies

Bath & Splash

And now moving to the best part of your cake smash photography session in Dubai. You can clean up your baby till I prepare a nice warm bath with bubbles for your baby to splish and splash. Surely your child loves to soak in water with bubbles all over. This is usually the happy part for all babies and they love to splash the water and relax and make all those silly cute faces which we like to capture and make memories.

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Photographs That Speak

We focus and improvise lots of things in a cake smash photography session in our Dubai Studio to make sure you receive the best service and experience. We provide you with high-quality images and printed art work to display in your home. These pictures always speak for themselves once they are hanging up your walls. There is a voice in these photographs. There are moments being captured which will move forward as time passes and we grow. But these memories will still last in those works of art pieces for years and years.

Celebrating your child’s birthday with our Cake Smash Photography Session in Dubai is a great fun way to cherish and preserve moments worth capturing!