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Cake/Fruit Smash

Cake/Fruit Smash Photography

Congratulations for your little own growing super fast! Definitely the best feeling in the world as a parent to see them with their milestones.

Thank You for choosing Saher Fahad Photographyfor you PhotoSession.
I would be really happy to have a Session with you and your little one soon.
The following list is to help you prepare for your Session so you can be relaxed and enjoy the experience:
  • Please remember these are messy photo sessions and I love them, so let your little ones have a blast of their lifetime, don’t stress and enjoy as I will be shooting behind the camera and taking their attention getting those beautiful pictures
  • Incase your child doesn’t like cake or you are not sure, you can introduce a little cupcake or cake slice before the session to get them used to it.
  • Please make sure your little one has slept good before the session and has been fed before, but please do not overfeed as they will be having some cake too, infact lots.
  • Timing is everything! Please do not get a sleepy baby to the studio as they can be super cranky and when in a new place can be timid.
  • You can bring along a few of their favorite toys and poems in your Mobile to get their attention incase we need that.
  • Please get along some wipes, diapers and milk if needed.
  • Also carry some favorite finger food/snacks such as cheerios, puffs, m&ms or any fruits which we can use along.
  • Please Carry along a towel to use after the session.
  • Depending on the package you have got, we will first start with family pictures, then the mini sitter session followed by the cake smash and then splash so you can keep the clothing accordingly.
  • A couple of pictures might be shared on the Web or for Marketing/Advertising purposes for my personal growth, incase you wish not to, please inform.
  • Mom and Dad be prepared to run and you can keep an extra set of clothes incase you get dirty with the mess.
  • Babies are naturally shy, please be patient. They will open up and enjoy themselves more if the room is relaxed. And we can get some beautiful moments captured.
  • Pictures turnaround time would ideally be 3 weeks.

Incase you have any further queries you are more than welcome to email, message or call, will be happy to assist you.

Hoping to see you at your Photo Session, will try to make it a special one for you and your family.