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Hello Hello!!!  
Finally after years like literally after years of thinking of starting a blog I am going to do it. YES!!!
This is my first blog and surely you know lots about me as written in the About Me section. This blog section would not only relate to me being very professional but a fun way of interacting with everyone around and discussing lots of crazy things as well.
It would definitely have lots of knowledge and information relating to me and my work whereas at the same time lots of tips and tricks for new mums, creative side of me, discussing mum lifestyle and so on, wouldn’t end that easily.
Being a professional photographer for years has taught me some amazing things to carry as a small business and clientele side and I will surely go though that part as well at some point in my blog soon.
Everything which you can think about and would like me to share will be in here and can be requested as well. I am an open book and I love to create new ideas and incorporate them in my sessions and life.
Being a mother, homemaker and having a school going kid can be tough at times but I have managed to work around all sides. If you don’t already know I have a 7 year old boy and I love him to bits as every other mum would do. Whereas at the same time I love my work and would want to continue that forever.
If you already don’t follow me on my social’s then please do so, it would mean a lot to me:
You can also check my work in the Portfolio section of this website if you haven’t already done so.
I absolutely love photography and I absolutely love babies so this combination was a perfect marriage to start me with my work. It was a passion which has turned to being a profession now. And I wish it stays put as I built it on with great efforts and all my heart into it.
There are lots of ups and downs in life for everyone but since I am a happy to go person I love to interact and stay put at all times. I really wish the same for everyone always.
My little business allows me to meet such beautiful people and I am always thankful that I do. It’s such an amazing experience and makes me happy to interact with different people from all around the world. Sometimes listening to beautiful stories of mums, dads and grandma’s its so next level honestly, I get lost in those moments of life.
I would go back and look at those beautiful photographs at times and smile and send virtual love and prayers towards those amazing families who trusted me on their memorable precious moments.
Lastly I would thank all my clients, friends and families for always being there for me and trusting me for what I am and what I do.
You would see lots of these now so stay put.
Keep Smiling!