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Newborn Photography Studio Using My Favorite Newborn Props

Newborn Photography Studio is one of the most rewarding genres a photographer can undertake. Capturing those first few weeks of a new life is an amazing experience and one that parents will cherish forever. It’s lovely to capture them in a proper newborn photography studio with an experienced photographer. When they are so little as they grow so fast with time you wouldn’t even notice where they went.

There are, however, some challenges that come with newborn photography. Firstly, they don’t stay still for long! Secondly, newborns need to be handled very delicately.

Newborns are only a few weeks old when photographed. Therefore it’s very important newborns are taken care of by a professional in a newborn photography studio. With someone who has great experience with this genre of photography and the perfect and safe props to pose newborns in.

With a bit of planning and preparation, however, we can take beautiful newborn photographs in a studio. It’s always very important to check on your chosen photographer. Do they have a newborn photography studio with the available props and style of photography you are looking to get?


Newborn Photography Studio Props

Many different props can be used during a newborn photo shoot, whereas I have the favorites that I always like to use. These props help to create unique and beautiful images that parents will love.

Our Newborn Photography Studio is well-equipped with a large number of newborn props. From beds to baskets to buckets and the list doesn’t stop. I love to shop all these cute newborn props. I try to keep it fresh and different from time to time. At the same time keeping my newborn photography aligned with my brand.

I order all my favorite newborn props from well-known vendors like (Luneberry, Rozzi Rayne, Newborn Studio Props, etc) who make these props specifically for newborn photography studios. This way we know these are safe to pose a newborn baby which is my number one priority. Also, these props make a statement in my newborn photography studio collection and all my clients are welcome to use these for their newborn photo sessions.

My Favorite Newborn Photography Studio Props

If I start to make a list of my favorite props the list would never end. I love all the props I have ordered like crazy while shopping for my studio. Surely  I have already mentioned a million times before how much I adore my newborn photography studio and love my job to bits.

Normally I do use some props more than others and some colors more than others too as those just get stuck to my heart when we see the final images and go ooh’s and ahhh’s over them. Basically, obsess over them in short. A few props like a rattan basket and a heart bowl which is surely my most requested prop of all time and I think it’s used in every session.

Some of my favorite props to use during newborn photography studio sessions I will discuss here:

Not to mention these are not some if you check my stash but let’s just get an overall idea for the props I love to use in my newborn photo shoots

1. Blankets – I like to use a variety of different blankets during newborn photo shoots. They can be used for wrapping the baby, as a backdrop, or even just for adding texture to the image.

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2. Hats & Headbands – Newborn babies have the cutest little hats and headbands! I love to use them to add some color and style to the images. I have a huge variety of newborn baby girl and boy hats in almost every color and style. They are of the best quality and are ordered from the best vendors around the world. These just add a special touch to all my pictures.

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3. Bowls – I often use bowls of different sizes and colors during newborn shoots. They are great for props and can also be used for holding the baby in place. Such as a round bowl or a heart bowl.

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4. Buckets – I have a few different buckets on hand which I use during my newborn sessions. They are perfect for the baby in the bucket pose upright and keep them warm and cozy. This is one of my favorite poses and surely he most requested one as well. The babies just look so adorable in there.

5. Baskets – I also have a few different baskets such as rattan and a piece of jute etc on hand during newborn photography sessions. They are perfect for half-wrapping the baby and photographing them from the top getting them posed like a cocoon and keeping them in place.

newborn green basket

6. Wraps – I always have lots of different wraps on hand during my newborn shoots. They are perfect for wrapping the baby up tight and keeping them warm and cozy. Some babies do not like to be naked and these beautiful wraps make them feel safe and adorable at the same time.

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7. Toys – I like to use a variety of different toys during newborn photo shoots such as tiny bunnies and teddies. They can be used for added interest in the image or even just to keep them next to the baby like an added charm.

8. Accessories– I often use different accessories like wool hearts and crowns during my newborn studio photography sessions. They are great for props and can also be used as an added element.

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Saher is an award-winning experienced newborn photographer who knows exactly how to work with newborns to get the best photographs. She has a newborn photography studio full of her favorite newborn props.

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