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Tips to Help You Plan Your Dubai Cake Smash Session

A Dubai cake smash session is a milestone photoshoot when your baby turns one year old, where You present the baby with a cake to eat or smash. It’s very important to go through some cake smash tips and tricks before you dive in.

For the best experience possible, you will want to ensure you schedule your child’s cake smash ahead of time, just as you do with maternity and newborn sessions.

Whether you are a new parent or just want to surprise your friend, learning how to organize a professional cake smash portrait session will make things much easier.

This post highlights essential cake smash tips for parents. Read on to find out more.

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What is The Best Time To Book A Dubai Cake Smash Session?

Most parents love to have the portraits of their baby displayed at their birthday party. If that’s the case, I always advise them to plan the cake smash portrait session approximately a month before they would like the images, so there is enough time for editing, viewing, and ordering.

Typically, the ideal time to book your baby’s cake smash portrait session is soonest possible. Thus, soonest the idea of organizing the one-year birthday party hits your mind, go ahead and book it!

Booking a cake smash photo session early enough gives you the guarantee a professional photographer is available. In that regard, add a calendar reminder when the child is around 8-9 months old so you can book a Dubai cake smash session.

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Choosing the Best Theme for Dubai Cake Smash Session

Several things come into play when planning a photography session. Top of the list is the theme.

One of the greatest things about choosing a baby’s birthday theme is you are in total control. When the kids are grown, selecting a theme for their birthday party can be hectic as you have to involve them.

I advise parents to consider the following questions when choosing a theme for their baby’s cake smash photography.

  • Will I display the cake smash portrait in my home? If so, you should choose colors that compliment the room’s décor.
  • Do I have the photography outfit picked already? Typically, the theme should complement the baby’s outfit.
  • Should I match my Baby’s birthday party theme, or should the cake smash photography include something different?
  • What previous themes have worked perfectly for your family photography session?
  • Choose what sparks the baby’s joy, such as a favorite cartoon, book, toy, or activity.

Choosing a theme for your baby’s cake smash photography should not feel overwhelming. A professional photographer should be able to assist you.

Request the photographer for ideas of the best theme for your cake smash portrait session. Choosing a theme weeks before the session gives the photographer ample time to find the necessary items for the set.

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Is Cake Smash Important?

A first birthday cake smash is an excellent way to capture special memories of your baby’s first birthday.

The cake smash portrait will be a perfect way to capture your child’s first encounter with the birthday cake.

During the cake smash portrait session, your child sits in front of his first birthday cake and can get as messy as they can. The photographer’s role is to capture the exciting moments as your child enjoys the cake and gets messy.

Dubai cake smash photographer, Abu Dhabi cake smash photography, professional cake smash photos

How Should I Set Up a Cake Smash?

· Find a perfect location

You can choose to have the cake smashed at your home or the photographer’s studio. Ensure a clean area that is easy to clean even after the cake-smashing session. As well as where you and your baby will feel the most comfortable, relaxed, and happy. We do want happy people and those happy babies with the cutest smiles.

· Choose a Comfortable Outfit

You want your little one to wear something attractive yet comfortable, so they can crawl around and get messy! Whatever the choice, just make sure the outfit complements the theme and choose a fabric that is easy to clean and can show the baby’s skin. Stick to a timeless and natural outfit.

· Ensure A Perfect Cake

It’s a cake smash party, so investing in an elaborate cake is not needed. A plain sponge or a naked cake can be the best choice for the cake smash session.

A cake with buttercream icing can create that perfect messy fun you are after. However, carefully choose the color so the cake complements the theme and your kid’s outfit.

Some photographers include the cake as part of the cake smash service, but it is always good that parents order the actual cake because the baby might have some allergies. You may also ask the photographer to suggest the cake’s design.

I do work with 2 amazing bakers Jackielicious and Mister Baker both of which provide stunning cakes which match perfectly to the style and taste of my photography. At the same time create a perfect combination with their cake designs. Highly recommend both of them to my beautiful clients.

· Prepare For A mess

When your baby gets on the cake, there will be cake icing everywhere. Be prepared to get messy too! Therefore, a spare outfit will be a great idea if you are involving the whole family. If the cake smash portrait session is at your home, you may use an easy-to-clean floor mat to protect the floor.

· Safety First!

No matter how happy you want, the baby to get, ensure you take care of all safety aspects. Ensure the cake’s ingredients will not cause an allergic reaction. Also, slippery floors can result in accidents, so it is always good to have a floor mat during the cake smash. If you are using a cake holder, try choosing one that will not fall over easily or injure the baby in case of a fall.

Floral Rings Cake Smash


A cake smash is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create great memories for your children. If you organize your child’s first birthday party, a cake smash portrait session will be a priceless gift. Thus, choose a professional cake smash photographer near you.

Make sure you read the full article for some amazing cake smash tips to follow through your session. It will help you make your experience the best one.

Saher Fahad offers professional Dubai cake smash sessions in Dubai. To talk to your photographer or for cake smash session pricing and quotation, contact us today.


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