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New Born

Definitely hear me out on this one. I absolutely love photographing newborns! Those adorably chubby cheeks, wiggling toes and tufts of soft hair? Their coos and sighs? The way they look at you in fascination as they’re trying to figure out the world? Or the way they grab momma or papa’s fingers and hold on tightly? I mean, can we all collectively agree that newborns are, like, the cutest things on the planet? I always suggest getting newborn photographs within the first two weeks of your child’s birth. I know that’s a hectic time for new parents, but hear me out. Those early days are life changing for everyone involved. By scheduling your newborn session early on (even within the first three days of birth), I’m there to capture all the feelings and emotions you and your baby are going through. Babies also change a lot — even within the first few weeks. Getting your newborn photographs as soon as possible ensures we capture that “newborn look” and all those moments. On your session day, we’ll capture photographs of just your newborn (and all his or her adorable features) and also images of you and your partner with your newborn. We even have time to get images of any siblings!