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Fresh48/Birthing sessions are a relatively new trend in the photography world. If you think about it, though, the idea of capturing your birth on film has been around for a while. Think about all those home or professional videos taken of the big day. Think of birthing photography the same way. Only instead of moving film, I capture still images that you can put into an album and reach for whenever you feel like it. I take a photojournalistic approach to fresh 48/birthing sessions. That means I capture photographs in a documentary, as-the-moment-is-happening way. There is no posing or recreating a scene. I photograph things as they happen. Because of that, these images are raw and genuine. You can feel the emotion oozing out of every frame. For that reason, I’ve had clients tell me that images from their birthing session are some of the best they’ve ever had taken. These images portray a lifestyle feel of your fresh newborn to this world. You may not even notice that freshness due to being in that phase of recovering. And surely these images will bring back amazing memories. The power of your child’s birth is real — capture it!


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