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These sitter sessions are beautifully captured between 6-10 months when your little bundle can sit on their own without support. We try to get those memories for you while they can give some awesome expressions, clap and laugh or crawl towards you with those happy faces. Sitter Ages are some of my most favorite to photograph since sitting up is such a huge milestone. I absolutely love being able to document all those milestones so the family have a beautiful memory of the moment. This is where they give all those cute looks and show their personality. I use beautful props and backdrops to enhance this session more. You may regret it if you don’t have those images to look back on in the years down the road. Once we actually begin your sitter session, I’ll make sure you’re baby is absolutely comfortable. We’ll try all sorts of different poses and angles and we will have ample time to change into different outfits, as well. And I’ll only photograph what you want captured. I can do bare baby bums or cute bonnets. We’ll definitely customize everything to your needs and desires.


+971 50 801 3735

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