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Tiffany & Co Cake Smash: First Birthday Portraits

How fun do you think this Tiffany & Co Cake Smash went? It was an absolute blast cake smash with some sweet First Birthday Portraits.  This Theme has been on top of my mind from a very long time and somehow was not happening. And surely when someone said Tiffany & Co Cake Smash I had to keep my ears on my head. I always combine cake smash pictures with First Birthday portraits to make them special forever.

When Mom called me and wanted to book with me a Tiffany & Co cake smash I was actually jumping with excitement, no jokes. Diamonds are a girls best friend and that’s what comes to me when I think of Tiffany and Co. This set was a dream to create. You wouldn’t believe I already had most of the props ready in my storage for this. That’s how much I wanted someone to have their First Birthday Portraits on this set me with.


Tiffany & Co Cake Smash

What is a Cake Smash and first birthday portrait? 

What’s more fun than observing a one-year-old destroy a cake? Not much, which is why cake smash and first birthday portraits are some of our favorites to capture. We love to see the joy and excitement on our little clients’ faces as they dig in and make a mess – it’s simply priceless.


Why are Cake Smash sessions so important? 

One year olds are so much fun – they’re growing and changing so fast! Therefore it’s very important to capture this precious milestone and remember these memories forever. They will grow up too fast to understand where the time went. You will still have these First Birthday Portraits to look back to and enjoy.


How did I prepare for a Tiffany & Co Cake Smash portrait session? 

As I mentioned above it was an easy one to prepare. I had already ordered most of those props from before. Mama was ready for the Tiffany & Co Cake Smash. I order lots of my backdrops from different vendors around the world (to name a few: Fancy Fabrics & Props, Intuition Backdrops, Oz Backdrops etc) specifically when they have some amazing sales going on to use for my future sessions. Since I already had the backdrop in hand there starts the canvas for me. I knew what I wanted. Some standees for jewelry, some black shoes and purses, some pearls. Basically everything Tiffany calls for. That’s how I managed to create my cake smash set for the First Birthday Portraits of this beautiful girl.


Did the Cake Smash go as expected during the session? 

Honestly it was one of the best cake smashing sessions ever. The little girl was so good and enjoyed every bit of it. She looked so cute in her black Tiffany & Co Outfit wearing pearls and some hand accessories. I just couldn’t get over that cuteness. These pictures tell us her princess story and how she was looking like a Diva.


Let’s talk about the Cake Smash and first birthday outfit? 

Outfit Plays an important part in all my sessions and I always make sure we have the best Chico which matches with our theme. If everything aligns well the pictures always tune out the best. I ordered an outfit once we had out set finalized and it all came together so awesome. I just loved how this set turned out and surely it was such a unique and exclusive set for the baby.

Do You want to capture those amazing baby’s first birthday memories with some beautiful pictures to remember? I always customized and create some unique sets discussing each and every details to get your favorite sets ready. From set design to props, outfit choices and definitely the cake design. Get in Touch Lets plan for sessions together

Even if you do not have a theme in mind thats alright you would be amazed and how many ideas and creativity I can provide you. Let me magic begin

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