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when is the best time to book Dubai newborn photoshoot

Question: When is the best time to book your baby’s newborn photo session???

Answer: It’s Right after you see that +ve sign on your test stick

I know, I know, and have to admit that perhaps the first calls you would make once you see that positive sign on that pregnancy test stick would be your spouse, family, OB/GYN or midwife, or a best friend. But I am sure you have thought of those beautiful newborn pictures that you have seen on your social accounts.

Yes, those amazing pictures are mostly captured within the first 2 weeks/14 days of birth as the babies are still tiny and would curl and pose in all those props. They surely grow really fast before you would even realize it.

The large majority of my clients book with me in the first few months of their pregnancy as they are usually my repeat clients and know how difficult it gets to schedule at the last minute.

The best time is always to book your newborn Photo Session in the second trimester of your pregnancy. That is how you are very sure about your decision before you get into the blues of pregnancy in your third and last trimester with swollen feel and pregnancy brains and you have ample time to discuss everything with your photographer and build that relationship.

By contacting and booking a newborn photographer at the right time, you’re almost guaranteed to get your session on the books.

when is the best time to book Dubai newborn photoshoot

Question: What to look for while booking your newborn photographer?

Answer: It is very important to choose a newborn photographer whose style you like and who has a gallery you would be proud to be a part of.

Apart from that please make sure your photographer makes safety a top priority as you never want to put your well-being or the well-being of the baby at risk by hiring someone who is inexperienced or who takes risks to get a perfect picture.

Always make sure your photographer has the experience and is certified in that field. They know about what they are handling.

when is the best time to book Dubai newborn photoshoot

Before you get all caught up in the beautiful swirl of parenthood, take a moment or two to contact me online at Saher Fahad Photography or give me a call at +971 50 8013735. I can’t wait to design and create an amazing experience for your newborn session, resulting in invaluable images that will be remembered as beautiful memories for one of the most precious times in your life.