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Should you Hire a Professional Photographer for your Newborn Session? 

Sometimes people think, “How important it is to hire a professional photographer for your newborn photoshoot?”. Considering living in this digital world where every other person has a camera hanging in their hands mostly 24/7 it gets questionable.

If you are on the verge and ask for an opinion you would always find me biased I can say on this one. Whereas at the same time at the back of my head and deep in my heart I regret not having done that for my son. Yes, you heard that correctly, I did not hire a professional newborn photographer to take pictures of my son when he was born. I regret it because 9 years back I never knew something like that existed for a new baby. I was a photographer mainly shooting a few events and headshots as I did not go full-time then. Honestly, I did not get exposure and awareness of the fact that newborn photography is so impactful.

And there we go the moment I discovered it that was about it. That was a light bulb moment for me that this is something I would want to do and it’s my path for future beginnings. It was surely somewhere back in 2016 where this hit me and together with the love for babies and photography, it had to be blended well.


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Having A Newborn Photoshoot is Time Sensitive

I am sure you have heard many times that babies don’t stay that little for a long time. It applies to this genre of photography. This newborn phase of your babies is very time-sensitive and doesn’t last for a long time. Newborns grow too fast and you surely forget those beautiful memories you want to stop the clock in and look back. Here are those timeless images you want to capture to have available for you to look back to. Once that time is moved forward your baby is growing faster than you thought.

As new parents it’s a fast-forward time since you are adjusting to your new bundle of joy as well as adapting to the changes coming along, doing all the paperwork, and handling the routine. Mums have been through a lot with the delivery process and learning to adjust to this new family member. Dads on the other hand help with everything possible.

A newborn photoshoot is normally suggested and done within the first few weeks of birth and that’s the best time to capture those pure and raw baby details and freshness. It is that time that flies by in a blink which I call it. Those cuddles you want to hold onto can be reflected in those memorable photographs forever.


newborn photoshoot Dubai, Dubai baby portraits, newborn portrait studio in Dubai

Newborn Safety with a Professional Photographer

You always want to hire a professional to capture those timeless pictures for this very reason. Professional Photographers are well-trained and certified when it comes to learning their art. It’s very important to know how to safely pose a newborn and what props to use considering they will be photographed in them. Not all props will fit a newborn properly therefore it’s important to know the ins and outs. The Newborn Photographers learn their art together with the safety aspects in their workshops and training before they specialize. Lots of poses require a second hand for this reason. And at times merging two images to composite them in post-processing to get the final result desired.

You should always consider hiring a professional for cute baby poses in props and blankets who knows how to and more importantly how not to pose a tiny human when photographing them. You surely want to hand your sweet baby to someone who has adequate knowledge of newborn safety. No picture is as important as your baby. I handle newborns very delicately. And always make sure they are posed properly in each prop we are using and always have a hand for safety nearby.


newborn photoshoot Dubai, Dubai baby portraits, newborn portrait studio in Dubai

Photography Equipment and Studio

Newborn Photography requires all the skills of being a photographer and is surely a top-level art. Consider having your newborn photoshoot taken at a studio that is well equipped with all the lighting and camera gear as well as the adorable props that are specifically made for photographing newborns in them. This keeps them safe as well and you will have the variety to choose and love your images. It’s surely as important to know how to use proper lighting and camera gear on a newborn baby as it’s to safely pose them. This makes or breaks an image.

My studio is well equipped with loads of newborn outfits, wraps, props, and accessories ordered from around the world from exclusive vendors. This way when you are at a studio you can sit back and relax, while I work with your newborn and you can get to enjoy some time or even take a nap.

Check out the Studio

newborn photoshoot Dubai, Dubai baby portraits, newborn portrait studio in Dubai


Cost of a Professional Newborn Photoshoot

Newborn Photography has always been considered a luxury photo shoot. It not only requires a lot of expertise in this field which is the basics, but it also adheres to loads of newborn props that are involved in a session. It all starts with a ton of education and training involved followed by the client experience. There are loads of photographers you will find in the industry and picking your favorite or best comes difficult at times.

Why wouldn’t you get the same output of a photoshoot done with a point-and-shoot camera or your mobile phone as a professional takes? It is simple they have invested largely in all those workshops and have years of experience. They know how to properly use their equipment and handle your new baby to have those amazing details captured. And there we talk about the price which everyone asks is the first thing. If you hire a professional to get the best results it would come out on the higher side and not a cheap investment. Thinking from the other perspective those memories which the Photographer has made are going to live with you your whole life and beyond.



newborn photoshoot Dubai, Dubai baby portraits, newborn portrait studio in Dubai


Newborn Photography is an art and it’s very time sensitive therefore you should always book your newborn photoshoot sessions in advance. Before the baby is born you should reserve a slot with your photographer. These timeless moments once captured will last forever and will be cherished for generations to come. It only happens once when any little one is born and is that tiny. They grow older quickly and you do not get to remember most of those happy memories you have shared. These images bring back that connection and bond. It reflects how small they were once they came to this world and how loved they were.

I always emphasize to every new parent to preserve this special time. It may happen a few times but it’s always different and it’s always special for each baby.

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